Friday, April 20, 2007

Foot Reflexology Chart

Left foot chart

Right foot chart

Top side of foot

Inner side of the foot

Outer side of the foot

These is where the pituitary gland ,brain stem,tailbone and sciatic nerve and others are located in our body as shown on the picture below:

Brain stem ,pituitary gland and tailbone

Sciatic nerve

1) Head (Brain)
2) Sinus
3)Back of neck
4)Pituitary glands
11)Back of the head/(Head,shoulder)
14)Lung and bronchi
19)Gall Bladder
20) Diaphragm/Solar plexus
21)Adrenal gland
25)Small intestine
27)Lleo -caecal valve
28)Ascending colon
29)Tranverse colon
30)Descending colon
31)Sigmoid colon
35) Knee
36)Reproductive glands (Ovary-female/testicle-male)
37)Sciatic area /sciatic nerve
38)Hips and lower back
39)Lymph node(upper part of your body-arm pit)
40)Lymph node (lower part of your body-groin)
41)Lymph Drainage (chest)
42) Shoulder point
43) Chest /lung & bronchi
44) Lymph groin
45) Tonsils
46) Lower jaw
47) Upper jaw
48) Throat &bronchial tube
49) Groin
50) Uterus/prostate
51) Vagina, prostate,ureter
52) Anus(hemorrhoid)
53)Neck,7th Cervical
54)Spinal vertebrae

ATTENTION: Some specific reflexes area such as , Head ,Eye,Ear and Knee always reflex to an opposite side of our body or organs.

For an example :

-If you have migraine on the left side,you should massage your right big toe.

-Right eye sore-massage your left foot eye reflex area.

-Right ear disease- massage your left foot ear reflex area.

Please Take Note :Always drink at least a glasss of water before begins you foot massage in order to help the body detoxification process during your massage.

After meal rested for at least 45 minutes before massage.Otherwise you might throw up or feeling discomfort because the food has not been fully digested in your stomach.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Reflexology For Shoulder Problem

Shoulder problem should not be neglected ,otherwise it may lead to arthritis. Especially the age of over 60 years old.


  • Stiff shoulder and pain (Polymyalgia rheumatica is rheumatic disorder that is associated with moderate to severe muscle pain and stiffness in the neck, shoulder, and hip area. Stiffness is most noticeable in the morning.)

  • Frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis) is when the shoulder joint experiences a significant loss in its range of motion due to inflammation, scarring)

  • Arthritis ( damage caused to the joints of the body)

  • Tendinitis (Tendinitis is inflammation, irritation, and swelling of a tendon,)

  • Sprains ( stretching or partial tearing of the ligaments and capsule that support the shoulder)

    Shoulder pain may be felt in one small spot, in a larger area, or down the arm. Pain that travels along nerves to the shoulder can be caused by diseases such as:

  • Gallbladder disease
  • Liver disease
  • Heart disease
  • Disease of the spine in the neck

    Remedy for shoulder disorder reflexe area:
    Kidney--ureter---bladder--lymphatic notes-- liver--shoulder --arm and other reflex area.

    Case study :Arm problem
    Peter , who is 65 years old could hardly raise his right arm. Over the years, he had gone through all kinds of treatment but his condition did not improve at all. When he came to me, I started to work on his kidney, ureter, bladder and shoulder for about 30 minutes. He then was able to raise his arm all the way up! He was so amzed by the incredible result.

    Case study :Shoulder injury
    Mr Phang is a soccer player. He did not believe in foot reflexology. One day, he was hit and injured in his right shoulder. Immediately, he was given a athletic massage for his shoulder. I begged him to stop because it might cause more damage to his injured shoulder. The best thing to do is to give him a foot reflexology on the shoulder reflex area of his foot.

    I held his right foot and applied pressure on his shoulder reflex area. He started to scream and pulled his foot away from me (because of the pain). I persuaded him to continue for another 15 minutes. Finally he showed me his smiley face and said "Wow! Foot reflexology is amazing! My shoulder pain has gone -- unbelievable!"

    Attention! Please avoid from wearing tight or sharp pointed shoes which may interfere with the flow of blood between the feet and other parts of your body and may result in shoulder and other organ problems.

  • Remedy for Cancer - Immune system, lymphatic system ,cancer and leg pain

    Antibody-Immune system
    In human body ,besides blood circulation system,there's also a lymphatic system. Lymph ducts or lymph capillaries begins with a very tiny lymph vessels that connected to the larger lymph vessels, in which It produces and transport lymph fluid to circulatory system.

    What does lymph fluid carry?
    Every day it transports approximately two kilogram colorless lymph fluid and fats from intestines. At the same time it carries bacteria and substances from outside of the body(smoke ,dust and etc) to lymph nodes where the purifying process will be taken place.

    Lymph nodes (glands)
    Lymphatic nodes (glands) is situated in the lymphatic passage.

    It helps to filter lymph fluids and creates leukocytes (white blood cells) cells of the immune system defending the body against both infectious disease and the invasions of foreign organisms.

    Where is lymphatic nodes
    Lymphatic nodes can be found in in both side of your jaw ,chest,armpit.When infection occurred in any part of your body,the nearest lymphatic glands will take immediate action to create more lymph fluid.At this time the lymphatic nodes will enlarge its size.

    Reflex area
    Kidney-ureter-bladder-lymph nodes(upper&lower part of your body)-liver and other reflexes area.


    1. Swollen feet
    2. Stretch mark
    3. Anti body deficiency
    4. Causing blockage to the all the organs
    5. Lymph inflammation

    Case Study 1-Water retention
    Hi,my name Mrs woo,I had a problem with my swollen leg for many years. My entire leg was swollen I couldn't even see my ankle. It creates an awkward shape and it's such a huge burden for me. One day when I woke up in the morning tried to go bath room, all the sudden I felt my legs were extremely heavy and unable to stand up!

    I was admitted to hospital for two days. After I got back home I still did not feel so good about it. One day ,one of my business client(Jane) told me foot reflexology is an excellent natural healing that may works for my condition . Without hesitation I agreed to do it. Couple days later ! My legs were feeling so much lighter ,the water retention has obviously subsided.

    I am so thankful to my friend (Jane)who had recommended me an amazing healing method ,otherwise I may have ended up my life on the wheel chair for the rest of my life....

    Remedy for swollen feet reflex area :

    Kidney- ureter- bladder- lymph nodes(Both upper & lower part)- pituitary gland- thyroid gland and knee.


    Reduce intake of salt in your diet.

    Case study 2 -cancer
    In September 1998 a seventeen years old Lily discovered a lump in her upper tight at her knee area. At the beginning she didn't take it seriously.

    In November the lump has grown so much bigger and it was very painful . She then realized that it was serious,the doctor took a biopsy test on her infected area and it was diagnosed as cancer .

    In addition,her blood test report was horrible---liver, kidney and pancreas were not functioning well . She took radiation therapy twenty times,five shots for every ten day . Her health condition was deteriorated by the extreme treatment..

    According to the doctor,Lily had three more months to live......therefore doctor allowed her to come back home for Christmas. During Christmas her uncle and aunt (who is reflexologist)came over to visit her and gave her the foot reflexology massage right away . They suggested her to stop the radiation therapy and the shots.

    After the serious discussion with doctor,finally Lily was allowed to stay home, mean time her uncle gave her foot reflexology treatment and change her diet as well.

    In 1999 9th of June, I went to visit her . Something that really scared me was that her infected area (previously has been treated by radian therapy) had turned into an open sore and contained with pus. She was so worry and wanted to quit ,I insisted her to continue, and explained to her that this was a temporally side effect during the detoxification process before healing.

    Every day she worked on all the lymph node for one hour on the reflex area of kidney,ureter,bladder,head,stomach,duodenum,liver,gall bladder and spleen reflexes area. She had stopped taking all her medications and replaced with natural supplements (avoid from taking the synthetic vitamin). Her scar was getting better each day ,the pain was obviously subsided .

    Three months later ,on 1999 Oct 10th doctor gave her the blood test and no cancer cells was found in her blood cells. She was so thrill and can't believe foot reflexology will be able to safe her life.

    Remedy for cancer reflex area:

    Kidney - ureter- bladder- lymph nodes(both upper & lower) - pituitary glands - liver - colon - and other reflexes area.

    Important suggestion Take supplement such as Protein( very important -According to study protein helps to repair damage cells speed up the healling process .Especially cancer patient who undergoes chemothrapry and radiotherapy) ,B complex, vit C, A , calcium magnesium, E and milk thistle (for liver which helps to improve and regulate your liver function such as detoxification which is significant for cancer patients. )

    Attention :

    My personal suggestion for cancer patient -Please take protein powder and organic supplement during your reflexology treatment which helps strengthen your immune system and prevent the rapid growth of cancer cells in your body.

    Remedy for endocrine disease/Thyroidism/pituitary disorder

    pituitary glands:

    Pituitary gland is the master gland of endocrine systems, it's situated in the sphenoid bone at the base of the brain.

    Pituitary has a huge impact to endocrine system. It control and regulate hormone secretion activities of the entire body for the specific glands below:

  • Thyroid glands and parathyroid glands
  • Adrenal glands
  • Sex organ: Testes and ovary
    Produce other hormone ,such as growth hormone

    Pituitary reflexes area :
    Located in the center of your first toe on your both feet (See foot chart).

    Parathyroid gland :
    parathyroid gland is located behind the thyroid gland.

    Function :
    deficiency of Parathyroid hormone is the main factor that leads to osteoporosis.

  • Thyroid gland :
    Thyroid is considered a largest endocrine glands in the body. It's situated in the neck.

    Thyroid glands produce hormone and responsible in metabolism-burning body fats. Thyroid glands under the control of pituitary gland.Thyroid glands need sufficient amount of iodine in order to maintain the normal function.

    Hypothyroidism Symptoms:

    # Osteoporosis
    # Fragile nail
    # Interfere colon movement
    # Cramp on leg
    # Casing blood vessel contraction (Migraine,cold hand and feet)
    # Insomnia
    # Decay tooth
    # Fatigue
    # Depression
    # Modest weight gain
    # Cold intolerance
    # Excessive sleepiness
    # Dry, coarse hair
    # Constipation
    # Dry skin
    # Muscle cramps
    # Increased cholesterol levels
    # Decreased concentration
    # Vague aches and pains
    # Swelling of the legs
    # Weight gain dramatically in a very short period of time/mot easy to lose weight
    # Excessive weight loss
    # Lack of sex drive ( low level of libido)
    # Anorexia
    # Infertility
    # excessive hair loss and more
    Slow heart rate
    # premenstrual period pain
    # Milky discharge from the breasts
    # Fertility problems
    # Muscle weakness
    # Yellow-orange coloration in the skin (particularly on the palms of the hand)
    # Yellow bumps on the eyelids
    # Recurrent infections
    # Migraines
    # Hoarseness
    # Respiratory infection
    # Difficulty concentrating
    # Slow speech
    # Goiter
    # Droopy eyes
    # Swollen eyes

    Hypothyroidism is formed when thyroid hormone is underproduction .The common symptoms are fatigue and intolerance to cold. If constantly feel cold while others around you are warm ,you may be suffered from hypothyroidism.

    Thyroid hormones regulates the temperature by secreting two hormones that control how quickly the body burns calories and uses energy.

    Women between thirty and fifty seem to be most prone to this condition.The thyroid can be affected by poor diet,fluoride in the water,excessive consumption of unsaturated fats,endurance exercise,pesticide residues on fruits and vegetables,radiation from X-rays,alcohol,and drugs.

    What is Hashimoto Thyroiditis ?
    Hashimoto Thyroiditis is the most common disease due to inactive thyroid glands. In this case the body becomes allergy to thyroid hormone. It then produces antibodies to attack its own thyroid tissue.

    Hashimoto's disease is common cause of goiter,a swelling of the thyroid gland,and it can occur in association with other disorders,such as pernicious anemia,lupus,yeast infections,and rheumatoid arthritis,congenital hypothyroidism in children,if left untreated ,can lead to mental retardation and dwarftism.

    Hyperthyroidism symptoms:

    # Excessive sweating
    # Heat intolerance
    # Increased bowel movements
    # Hand tremor (usually fine shaking)
    # Nervousness
    # Rapid heart rate
    # Weight loss
    # Fatigue
    # Decreased concentration
    # Irregular menstrual
    # Irritability
    # A constant feeling of being hot
    # Perspiration increase
    # Insomnia
    # Increase of frequent bowel movements
    # Decreased menstrual flow
    # weakness
    # Separation of the nail from the nail bed
    # Rapid heart beat
    # Goiter
    # Sometimes protruding eyeballs

    What is Hyperthyroidism ?

    Hhyperthyroidsm - When the thyroid gland produces too much thyroid hormone, will result in overactive metabolic state. All of the body's processes speed up with this disorder. Hyperthyroidism is sometimes also called Thyrotoxicosis. The most common type of this disorder is Grave disease.

    The thyroid gland is the body's internal thermostat.It regulates the temperature by secreting two hormones that control how quickly the body burns calories and uses energy.If the throid secretes too much hormone,hyperthyroidism results; too little hormone results in hypothyroidism.

    Many cases of hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism are believed to result from an abnormal immune response. The exact cause is unknown ,but the immune system can produce antibodies that invade the body and attack the thyroid glands and interrupt the hormone production.

    Infected lump or tumor in thyroid glands may cause to hyperthyroidism as well as intake certain prescription drugs.

    Hyperthyroidism is not as common as hypothyroidism. Both of these thyroid disorders affect women more often than men. A malfunctioning thyroid can be the underlying cause of many recurring illness.

    Case Study 1:Leg muscle cramp
    George is a photographer nearly fifty years old,he had never enjoy his sleep for so long because of his leg muscle cramped at night."How can foot refllexology help me for this problem?" he asked me. I suggested him to massage his pituitary gland area and parathyroid area in his foot every night before sleep.Since then,I have never heard from him complaining of leg cramp any more.

    Reflex area for leg muscle cramp:

    Kidney, ureter, bladder , lymph node, heart,liver, pituitary glands , parathyroid glands, thyroid gland , knee, and sciatic area /sciatic nerve and other reflex area.

    Case studt2:Stiffness on leg and arms
    Amerina was a retired nurse from Austria. Both of her leg and arm were very stiff. I was trying to pull apart her both leg but I failed to do so. When I message on her parathyroid reflex area it cause her so much pain. I massage each feet's parathyroid and pituitary glands for ten minutes every day for a month. Finally she was able to move her both leg apart as well as her both hands.She kept saying"it's a miracle.......It's a miracle........!Thanks god!

    Reflex area for stiffness leg and arms
    Kidney , ureter , bladder, lymph nodes , heart, liver, pituitary glands, parathyroid gland, thyroid gland, shoulder and other reflex area.

    Case Study 3: Swollen glands
    My school teacher suffered from swollen glands several years ago. Because of this problem,she always has a cold hand and feet . She massage on her thyroid and pituitary gland reflexes area every day for 2 weeks. She then started to feel warmer After seven months later,her thyroid gland was back to normal functionality and her entire body temperature has adjusted to normal . Now she can even wear sleeveless tank top in rainy day.

    Reflex area for swollen leg reflex area:
    Kidney-ureter-bladder-lymph nodes-pituitary glands-thyroid gland-parathyroid gland- Sciatic area /sciatic nerve-knee and other reflex areas.

    If you take multivitamin during the treatment will help you speed up the healing process.

  • Remedy For Reproductive disease and Sex Drive Decrease

    Reproduction system

    Reproductive organ- Uterus or womb is one of the major organ in female body. It is connected on both sides to the fallopian tubes,the cervix is open into the vagina.


  • Production of hormone(2/3 of female hormone,1/3 of male hormone)
  • Reproduction (produce young)

    Manstration (period)

    Ovary is responsible on delivering eggs and producing hormone.


  • Painful Intercourse (Dyspareunia)

  • Painful Periods (Dysmenorrhea)

  • Pelvic Adhesions

  • Pelvic Pain

  • Prolapsed Uterus

  • Tipped or Retroverted Uterus

  • Warning ! Do not massage on ovary and uterus during your pregnancy and period (it will cause to miscarry and excessive bleeding) .

    Case study 1-Irregular menstrual cycle:

    Normal menstruation cycle is happened every 28 days after the the first period. But Shirline's menstruation always delay to six months ,it means her menstruation is occurred only twice a year. This situation had been continued for six years since her first period at the age of fourteen (now she's 20 years old). In order to regulate her period ,she always has to depend on hormone tablets.I encourage her to stop taking the hormones tablets ,and go for foot reflexology treatment .

    She started to massage her feet for 30 minutes every day. 23 days later ,it's the first time she had her period on time without depend on hormone tablets. She was so exited and decided to continue until she's completely recover.

    Irregular menstrual cycle (period) reflexes area:

    Kidney - ureter - bladder ,- lymph nodes -pituitary glands ,-thyroid glands-parathyroid gland-adrenal glands -ovary- uterus- vagina .

    Case study 2-infertility:

    A young couple wish to have a child,unfortunately Jef's wife was unable to conceive . Back in few years ago she had suffered from fallopian tubes inflammation ,and had been recovered .Since then,she was trying so hard to conceive ,but always end up with disappointment. One day,she came across an article about " how foot reflexology works for infertility problem."

    Without hesitation she made an appointment to the foot reflexology treatment center on the very next day. She took it so seriously and followed all the treatment schedule very well. Two months after the treatment she had her home pregnancy test and found she was pregnant! In order to reassure her pregnancy, she went to 3 different doctors and was diagnosed she is pregnant !

    Just like most people out there,she has never thought about "foot reflexology" would be able to fulfill her dream! It's amazing....

    Infertility reflex area :

    Kidney - ureter-bladder-lymph nodes-pituitary glands - ovary-uterus-vagina

    Sex Drive Decrease

    Hypothyroidism (insufficiency of thyroid hormones) may also lead to sex drive decrease or lack of libido.

    Decreased sex drive

    Decreased sex drive (lack of libido) is associated with many factors,including control pills ,other medication ,stress and etc.To improve this problem ,other then life healthy life,make sure you seek the right may want to try natural remedy,such as foot reflexology . meditation,acupuncture,supplement and more.

    Case Study-sex drive decreased

    My friend Pauline (32 years old) told me,she was so miserable with her sex life .When comes to sex ,she just couldn't get into it.......she feel like her sex life seems come to an end !She was on medication for two and the half years but nothing had changed.Until one day I explained to her about how foot reflexology works to improve her problem.She was so exited and wanted me to show her how to work on the reflex area .

    The next day she told me her reflex area especially ovary and uterus were so sensitive it was very painful when pressure applied on this particular reflex area. This indicated her ovary and uterus were sick. I suggested her to continue massage at least once a day until the problematic organs be able to function well . Three weeks later , she showed up with tears of joy.......she said " It's been a long time I've never enjoyed my sexual excitement ,now I feel like a newly wed again "!

    Sex Drive Decreased-Reflexes area:

    Kidney-ureter-bladder-Pituitary - thyroid glands-parathyroid glans-adrenal glands-ovary and uterus .

    Remedy For Lung Disease

    As we all know lung plays an important role of the respiratory system.Begins from nose,throat ,windpipe,and all the way down to the lungs.Its main function is to transport oxygen from the air into bloodstream.and expel carbon dioxide from the bloodstream back into the air.

    What is gas exchange

    The exchange of gases is occurred at the tiny little thin-walled air sacs called alveoli.When you exhale, you exhale the carbon dioxide .It works completely opposite when you inhale,you bring in oxygen from the atmosphere into your body.

    For an adult,the normal breathing is approximately 20 times a minute when your are in rest.It crease after an exercise.

    Lung disease reflexes area :
    Adrenal gland--Kidney--ureter---bladder--lymph nodes---liver---lung----sinus---and other reflex area.

    Cough /cough up blood
    Whooping cough
    Lung infection

    Case study :throat problem

    Tom thirty one years old,often had throat problems. He had been coughing for several months. Doctor examined his lungs through an X-ray , but no sysmptom was found . A year later,he returned to the hospital for another X-ray , again the result did not show any negative symptoms. He was so worried and helpless about his situation .

    His brother was dead from tuberculosis (TB),therefor ,doctor suggested him to undergo tuberculosis test as well . They found nothing after an x-ray .He then asked the doctor for further help,the only advised from the doctor was to stop smoking and come back again a year later.

    Over years ,Tom had visited numerous doctor but unfortunately non of them came out with better solution. However,it did not stop him from there,his friend suggested him to try " foot reflexology " treatment.He didn't seems to be very exited about it,because he did not believe in reflexology treatment .However he had been struggling for years and he told him self that now is time to try something different.

    First couple days during his first treatment,he started to feel a little awkward he coughed up the" thick yellowish mucus" which has been accumulated many years ago . This "thick yellowish mucus" interfered the normal functions of his bronchi system which led to difficulty of breathing and coughing.

    The flexologist told him , his bronchi reflexes area has serious blockage which interfered his lung and bronchi functionality. A week later his coughing was getting better. The doctor advised Tom to avoid from wearing the fashion sharp and tight shoes, because it would limit the blood flow from feet to the entire body and may cause problem to the related organs.

    Reflex area for throat problem /sore throat:
    Kidney--ureter---bladder--lymph nodes---lung---- Tonsil--liver.

    Remedy for high blood pressure

    The heart is the muscular organ that suspended in the vertebrates.

    Function of the heart :

    1. It is responsible for delivering blood into lung,exchange of gases in the ling : Carry out carbon dioxide from the blood and bring in oxygen into the blood before return to the heart.

    2. Convey blood into circulatory systems in the body, distribute nutrients to our entire body.

      Structure of the heart

    It is divided into four sections: two atrium ( left and right ),two ventricle (left and right ).There is tricupid valve on the right,and aortic valve to prevent blood flow backward into the atrium.

    The flow of blood through the right atrium enter into the right ventricle,from there it proceed to the lungs to purify the blood before it enter to the left atrium and ventricle.

    The heart does not obtain nutrients from the blood in the atrium and ventricle,It obtain nutrients from other sources system.

    Remedy for high blood pressure reflexes area :
    Adrenal gland ,Kidney--ureter---bladder--- duodenum ---heart----lymph nodes-- liver---pituitary glands-and other reflex area


  • Heart contraction,pain,difficulty in breathing
  • Heart disease (genetic factor or non-genetic factor )
  • Heart weak,circulatory problem
  • Irregular heart beat

  • Case study :high blood pressure (1)

    Cathrina's had suffered from high blood pressure for three years. She had heard t about reflexogy long time ago ,but she did not believe reflexology would be able to improve her condition.

    She was on medication for almost ten years. Over the years her health condition wasn't gotten any better. She started to worry and was hopping she could find a better treatment. I was so surprised when she came to me for reflexology treatment! . She told me she was so sick of being on medication for all year long for not getting any better.

    When she first started her first treatment .She felt very uncomfortable due to the temparaly side effect which resulted from detoxification reaction. She went back to her doctor ,at time her blood pressure was 100/60 which very low!Compared to her previous blood pressure ( 200/95 ).

    The doctor was so surprised with her tremendous changed .Cathrina told the doctor that she her reflexology treatment, in fact he encouraged her to keep it up , and reduced her prescription one at a time in order to avoid from extreme low blood pressure occurred during her treatment.

    Case study :high blood pressure (2)
    On the 6 of may 2008 my sister in law called me that my mom fell down while she was trying to get up from the chair . All the sudden she felt both of leg were numb .... She was terrify . Without hesitation my sister in law brought her to the doctor. The doctor was given her blood test right away and found out her blood pressure has increased tremendously from 125/85
    to 160/85. That's not all, her blood sugar increased , incontinent problem , diarrhea and insomnia how scary huh !

    This is what I did, I gave her foot massage and multivitamin with no iron and B complex 3 times a day after meal - (natural one not synthetic one ) .Some multivitamin contain iron may cause constipation for certain people if you take it every day.Therefore I prefer no iron., you can always take iron supplement separately if you need . Because she was taking her prescription , therefore, she have to take her prescription after meal , after 30 to 40 minutes then only she can take her vitamin.

    Attention: Please bear in mind, DO NOT take prescription drugs and vitamin at the same time, because it will neutralize the medicine. Take at least 30 minutes apart after intake your medicine.

    Breakfast - Oatmeal, diabetes sugar. ( you can change your recipe as long as it's healthy and nutritious diabetes )

    Lunch - soft food for easy digestion such as Porridge (rice soup) with fish and vegetable I usually gave - carrot, broccoli, cilantro, celery . Avoid from eating any deep fried , hot and sweet stuff ( because she has diabetes).

    Five weeks later she finally able to walk without cane and supervision, no diapers hearing and vision have also improved . In addition her blood sugar and blood pressure fall between 125/89 and 130/85 , glucose is 6.5. Now she is back to normal diet but in a healthy way.

    Remedy for small intestine disease

    Small Intestines
    The small intestine is approximately 6 meters long (20 feet) . It is part of gastrointestinal tract (gut) surrounded by colon.

    Small intestines is divided into three sections:

  • Duodenum
  • Jejunum
  • Ileum


    Intestine is a very extensive part where the digested foods are absorbed through the intestine wall (finger-like pieces) named Villi into bloodstreams and distribute to the entire body.

    Reflexes area
    Kidney---ureter--Bladder--Lymph nodes----small intestine


  • Diarrhea
  • Adenocarcinoma
  • Adenocarcinoma of Duodenum
  • Adenocarcinoma of Small Intestine
  • Atresia of Intestine
  • Small Intestinal hemorrhage
  • Duodenal Ulcer
  • Bloating

    Important ! Diarrhea :It does not lead to any serious illness if it happens once a while. But if diarrhea occurs frequently it indicates that it is a symptom of chronic disease in which you need to pay attention on it or seek your doctor for help.

    Remedy for diarrhea reflexes area :
    Kidney---ureter--Bladder--Lymph nodes--stomach ----small intestine
  • Case Study: Diarrhea

    Melicia thirty three years old, had frequent diarrhea for a year.She looks so much older then her actual age !My first time saw her,I thought she was at 48 or 50 years old,because she has wrinkles and aging spot all over her face and body....she looks horrible....She acted so nervous and tired. Besides that she always got fever, she couldn't live without medication . However the prescription drug did not help her much.

    During her stay in the hospital she met a friend who recommended her to foot reflexology treatment . She then started her reflexology treatment soon after she discharged from hospital . About a week later her condition had improved a lot , Overall it takes one month to fully recovered.

    One year later I met her at shopping mall , wow!!! she looks amazingly beautiful ,young, and energetic she was completely look like a different person now!!!

  • Remedy For Pancreas disorder

    Pancreas is located in the upper abdomen - It lays in between the duodenum and adrenal glands.

    Pancreas is an organ that produce pancreatic juices and hormones such as Insulin,Glucagon and somatostatin.

    Production of digestive fluid
    The enzym production from pancreas helps to break down the carbohydrates into small substance and protein into smallest elements called amino acid. The pancreatic juices are enzymes enter into small intestine and combine with food .

    Hormone production
    Hormonal glands in the pancreas produce two different types of hormones (1) Glucagon and (2)Insulin. Insulin plays an important role in metabolism, manage to maintain glucose level in blood steam.The normal glucose level is between 80 to 120 mg%.In contrast, glucagon convert the glycogen stored in liver into glucose enter into bloodstream .

    Reflexes area
    Kidney - ureter - bladder - lymph nodes -liver- pituitary gland - pancreas - stomach-deodenum.


  • Diabetes type1-pancreas does not produce Insulin (Insulin -dependent-diabetes mellitus-IDDM)

  • Diabetes type 2-pancreas does produce insulin in small quantities,but not enough.( Non-Insulin dependent diabetes militus NIDDM)

  • High blood sugar (hyperglycemia)-is a condition in which an excessive amount of glucose circulates in the plasma.

  • Low blood sugar (Hypoglycemia)- occurs when your blood glucose (blood sugar) level drops too low to provide enough energy for your body's activities.
  • Enzymes deficiency is the main factor of causing metabolism disease.

  • If the nutrients in the foods can not be utalised by our body due to pancreas problem,it may cause to organs dysfunction and lead to malnutrition problems ( caused by an improper and insufficient diet ).

  • Why enzymes deficiency occurred ?
    According to the research, it shows that enzymes deficiency may cause by duodenum dysfunction. When constriction occurred in duodenum it would automatically narrow down the open edge and limited the flow of pancreas juices into duodenum.In this case ,the remain juices will flow backward into pancreas and interrupt the pancreas functions.

    Remedy For Colon Disease

    Colon is dived into several parts:

  • Appendix

  • Ascending Colon

  • Transverse Colon

  • Descending Colon

  • Sigmoid Flexure

  • Coccyx

  • Appendix
    Located at the right bottom of the lower abdomen also connected to the intestine.

    Prevent the fluid from colon enter into intestine.

    Stomach bloating occurs at the lower part of abdominal.

    Case study
    Peter's wife Anline frequently suffered from stomach ache.Her appendix reflex area was so sensitive.After went through 4 weeks of foot reflexology and combine with proper diet, Appearantly Anline has improved a lot ,since then she has never suffered from stomach ache any more.

    Function of Ascending Colon ,Transverse Colon , Descending Colon :
    The movement of the stool is completely depends on the wavy movement of the colon.The contraction of its muscular the stool is propelled forward and is carried along towards the descending colon and exit from the body via anus.

    Remedy for constipation Reflexes area
    Kidney---ureter--bladder---lymph nodes----liver---colon (including Ascending colon
    - Tranverse colon - Descending colon - Sigmoid colon


  • Stomach pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation (drink more water every day and intake high fiber diet as well)

    Case study :
    Fernandaz Lee over time always has stomach ache or feeling uncomfortable on the upper left of the nevel.He has constipated for several years, he usualy depends on drug to solve his bowel movement problem.His reflex point shows that the Ascending Colon and transverse Colon have problem.During the treatment he focused on the problematic organds's reflexes area.After couple days later,Fanandaz Lee was able to have bowel movement without depends on drugs anymore.

    Descending Colon
    Located at the final part of the colon in which it ended at the anus.

    When the stool is entered into the descending colon,and automaticaly it stimulate the bowel movement.

    Chronic Constipation has higher chance of liver cancer ,headach,migraine .

  • Remedy For Liver disease

    Liver is situated at the upper right portion of the abdomen.It's the largest organ in the human body,approximately 3 Ib. Gall bladder is connected to the liver via the hepatic duct.

    Liver is the most important part in metabolism system.It produce bile juice and stored it in the gall bladder for the use of breaking down the fats. when you ingest food contain with fats,The gall bladder constrict and excreted bill juice into duodenum to stimulate and create intestinal movement.

    On the other side ,liver also convert glucose to glycogen,and create certain amino acids ,purify the harmful substances from blood (alcohol,etc),and production of cholesterol in your body.

    Remedy for liver disease:
    Important ! For liver massage please drink one glass of water before massage and at least 4-6 glass of water after massage in order to reduce the side effect causing from detoxification process in your body. Watch out your diet ! Avoid from too oily ,deep fried,grill,BBQ and spicy foods.

    Steam vegetable,fish stir fry and soup is highly recommended.

    Remedy for liver problem reflex area:
    ureter-----Bladder-----Lymph nodes----pituitary glands----liver and other reflex area.

    remedy for weight loss

    Have you ever been experienced not be able to lose weight regardless how well you eat and how often you exercises .If this is the case,you need to consult doctor or your physician to make sure whether you have hormone imbalance issue.

    hypothyroidism - Is the condition where the production of thyroid hormone is insufficient .In this case,you will not be able to lose weight easily.

    In contrast hyperthyroidism - When the thyroid gland produces too much thyroid hormone and will cause to excessive weight loss problem.

    You may take hypothyroidism /hyperthyroidism medication to replace the insufficiency of thyroid hormone in your body, but it does not help to recover the functionality of your thyroid gland . Foot reflexology treatment would be able to improve this problem by applying pressure on pituitary glands ,thyroid and parathyroid glands and other reflex areas .


    How reflexoloy can help you to loss weight?

    Warning ! To be honest with you I really don't think it's a good idea if you depends on pills to loss weight,but if you insist to go for pill, I strongly suggested you to seek for your doctor advice !

    It's very frustrating when you try so hard to manage your diet for loosing weight but it doesn't work so well. I completely understand why a lot of people turn into diet pill ,because that's the easiest and fastest way to get back in shape. But how many of you have noticed that this diet pill is a "hidden killer"(cause side effect to your health).

    If you are seeking for healthy loss weight, Congratulation ! you are at the right place.

    Remedy for weight loss reflex area:
    Kidney - ureter- bladder - lymph nodes - liver - pituitary gland - thyroid gland - parathyroid gland- stomach - duodenum and colon.

    I was inspired by a friend named Sally. Six years ago, she had gone through a lot of pain and a bitter experience to regain her normal figure before she know about foot reflexology treatment. Before her weight was 110 lbs to 120 lbs at 5 feet 4 inches,unfortunately a year later , her weight went up tremendously to 160 lbs! She was terrified by her over weight issue.

    Case study-Weight loss:
    Hi, my name is Sally. I'm so exited to share my weight loss experience with you. Most people would prefer diet pills to achieve their goal just like me. But how many of you really aware of the side affects of the diet pills?

    Before I got into foot reflexology treatment, I loved diet pills because they really worked. I did lose weight after one week. I continued to use diet pills for a month, finally I got back into shape (115 lbs before was 160lbs). Once I reached my desired weight I stopped using diet pills.

    Unfortunately, it wasn't last very long , approximately three months later, I started to gain weight again and this time it was worse! Without hesitation I used my diet pills again. A week later, my weight was the same. In the second week, I lost 3 lbs. However, in the following weeks my weight did not go down! I started to feel tired, less energetic, and dizzy. I couldn't even concentrate on what I was doing. It was really killing me.... !!!

    I went to the doctor and the doctor advised me to stop taking the diet pill, which caused damage to my kidney and affected my hormone secretion. He encouraged me to practice a healthy diet and continue excercising.

    To be honest with you, I don't like execise, but I did yoga stretching 5-10 minutes every day. A month later my health had improved but my weight still hung on between 156 to 160 lbs.

    One day, my friend Jassie came to me and explained how Foot Reflexology could help me lose weight. At the beginning I was skeptical because I had never heard about foot reflexology working for weight loss. But I was thrilled at the thought of being able to lose weight again. I began foot reflexoloy treatments 3 times a week (30-40 minute each time). A week later, I was truly amazed by the results, I had lost approximately 3.75 lbs a week . I lost 15 lbs within a month! Wow, that's unbelievable!

    After 6 years, I have never gained weight. In fact I'm healthier than before. I continue foot massage using Foot Roller massager. It's so easy to use and inexpensive. What I did is put both of my feet on the foot roller and glide back and forth while I was sitting on the couch watching TV.

    Remedy For Diabetes

    Diabetes and Hypoglycemia

    Diabetes is a disease which result from the problem with the pancreatic hormone( insulin.) Insulin controls the amount of glucose (sugar) in the blood and the rate at which glucose is absorbed into cells for the use of energy.

    People with diabetes,glucose builds up in the blood stream instead of being taken into and use by the cells,which lead to abnormally high levels of glucose in the blood (hyperglycemia).Hyperglycemia leads to damage blood vessels.

    There are two types of diabetes.Type1 insulin-dependent diabetes melitus [IDDM]) and type 2 (non-insulin dependent diabetes melitus [NIDDM] ).Type 1 diabetes is due to the damage of pancreas and unable to produce insulin.

    Type 2 diabetes,the pancreas does produce insulin in small quantities but not enough to fuel the cells. It leads to obese.

    Hi every one,this case study was influenced by my close family member:"my mom" who has been suffered for diabetes for more the five years before I found the amazing natural remedy called "foot reflexology" .She has been taking medication and follow the doctor instruction all over the year in order to keep her blood sugar at normal level.

    Remedy for diabetes reflex point:
    Kidney, ureter, bladder, lymph nodes, head, pituitary glands, solar plexus, stomach, spleen, deodenum, intestine , colon, liver gall bladder and other reflex area. Watch out your diet !

    Case Study -True story about my mom

    Back 12 years ago, every month my mom checked her glucose level. Her blood sugar exceeded the normal level for quite a while. Along with her prescription, her doctor advice her not to consume food with high glucose such as white bread, cake, potato, or white rice. Three times a day she needed to check her urine in order to ensure her blood sugar is under control.

    One of my friends came to me and talked about how reflexology worked to improve chronic diseases -- including diabetes (at the time I did not know about foot reflexology). I was so exited and brought my mom to the reflexology treatment center.

    The reflexologist, who worked as volunteer reflexologist, suggested my mom to work on foot reflexology at home with Foot Roller at least 2 to 3 times a day, before meals and 45 minutes after meals. At the beginning my mom had temporary side effects such as nausea, frequent urination, and excessive thirst.

    After a week, I checked her urine but it seemed nothing has changed. The second week, the glucose-testing strip showed her blood sugar had dramatically gone down! She was so exited, but still very skeptical about it. Again she decided to go to her doctor and the doctor found her blood sugar has dropped down to a normal level.

    The doctor was so shocked and asked her what she has done? She told him that she had under gone foot reflexology treatment. The doctor encouraged her to continue the treatment but limit her consumption of high glucose/starchy foods.

    It had been almost a month, she started to consume a lot of high sugar food (desserts). At the time her pancreas was not be able to release insulin. She felt weak, dizziness, and excessive thirst. She had frequent urination and pain while urinating. However, the urine color had changed into a dark yellowish color.

    Once again my mom went back to her doctor. The doctor gave her insulin shot. She depended on insulin shot for at least five days until her pancreas was able to function normally. Since then, my mom seems to be more cautious with her diet.

    She started to eat healthy and continued her foot reflexology twice a day. During that period of time, her blood sugar maintained back up to normal level. Her doctor even suggested her to go back for her check up once a year instead of once a month. What an amazing treatment!

    Now, my mom is 78 years old and she is doing very well on her own. I hope my mom's experience will inspire other people out there who suffer from diabetes. Good luck and God bless you all.

    Pituitary glands disorder

    Endocrine--Pituitary glands

    Pituitary gland is small oval endocrine gland that located the center of the skull . It has huge impact to our body because it controls the production of hormone or secretion to regulate the normal function of all the endocrine glands . Some of the major endocrine glands are parathyroid gland,adrenal glands,ovary and testicle.

    Warning! Drink at least a glass of water before you massage your foot in order to avoid from the possibility of "fever" (temporally side effect) during detoxification process.Water helps to carry away toxic and waste product from your body through urinary,sweat ,and etc.

    Remedy of endocrine system

  • Calcium defficientcy : Parathyroid gland.

  • loss weight due to hyperactive of Parathyroid glands :Pituitary glands, thyroid glands. Beware of your diet !

  • Loss weight : Kidney, ureter, bladder, lymph notes, liver, pituitary glands, Thyroid gland and parathyroid gland, stomach,duodenum,colon.

  • Thyroid glands inffection : Thyroid glands, Parathyroid glands , Pituitary glands.

  • Growth hormone inblance disorder : Pituitary glands. Beware of your health condition!

  • Obese :Thyroid glands, Parathyroid glands , Pituitary glands. Beware of your diet !

  • Osteoporosis : Thyroid glands, Parathyroid glands , Pituitary glands. Beware of your diet !

    Reproductive organ

    Male reproductive organ (testes) are protected by the protection layer called scrotum. where sperm are produced.

    Female major reproductive organ is uterus or womb are located within the lower abdominal cavity.The top both side are connected to the fallopian tubes and the cervix is opened into the vagina.

    Reflexology remedy of reproductive organs.

  • sex drive decrease : Kidney,ureter,bladder,lymph notes,Pituitary,uterus/prostate,ovary or testicle

  • Manstration problem : Pituitary glands, ovary ,uterus.

  • Excessive white discharge : Virgina , uterus,lymphatic nodes.

  • Uterus inflammation : Uterus,ovary,pituitary glands, and lymph nodes.

  • Oviduct inflammation :Ovary, lymph nodes, parathyroid glands.

  • Ovary inflammation:Ovary, lymph nodes,parathyroid glands. thyroid gland, pituitary glands.

  • Testese congestion : Testicle, lymph nodes.

    Respiratory system

    Organs that related to respiratory systems are respiratory nose ,respiratory tract ,bronchi and lungs.

    Reflexology remedy of respiratory systems..

  • Throat iinflammation : Throat, neck, tonsils, lymph nodes.

  • Shortness in breathing :Kidney, ureter, bladder, parathyroid gland, lung and bronchi, ymph nodes. Beware of your diet !

  • Bronchitis :Lung, bronchi, lymph nodes, parathyroid glands, adrenal gland.

  • Breathing problem : Lung, bronchi, nose,head,heart, solar plexus and stomach(prevent bloating cause difficulty in breathing). Beware of your diet !

  • Caughing : Lung, bronchi, lymph nodes, parathyroid glands, adrenal glands.(Avoid from wearing tight shoes)

  • Hashky voice: Throat,tonsil, lymph nodes.

  • Flue: Lymph nodes, tonsil,spleen, nose,top of head.

  • Bleeding nose : Nose,parathyroid.

  • Throat inflammation :Maxilla/Submaxilla (Jaw), lymph nodes.

  • Loss voice : Throat, tonsils, spleen, nose.

  • Lung inffection : Lung, lymph nodes, kidneys, adrenal glands, parathyroid glands.

  • Sneeching :Nose, bronchi, lymph nodes.

  • Sore throat :Throat, tonsil, lymph nodes.

  • Tonsil inffection :Tonsil, lymph nodes.

    Other diseases

  • Burned :Massage the related reflexes area,lymphatic nodes,adrenal glands,kidney,ureter,bladder,parathyroid glands.

  • Fizzy :Heart, adrenal glands, kidney,ureter, bladder,lymphatic nodes

  • Parkinson disease : Kidney, adrenal glands, ureter, bladder,lymph nodes, head, neck, parathyroid glands, stomach, duodenum. Beware of your diet !

    It's highly recomended to take suppplement during the foot reflexology treatment for better result.

  • Remedy For Digestive System

    Digestive System - Stomach
    Stomach is known as an external organ that manage the digestion of food. Poor digestion is the main factor of nutrient insufficiency. Therefore ,Chewing food is the very first part where the digestion process begins to take place .

    The foods then enter into the digestive tract and directed to the stomach for final digestion before it enters into duodenum(intestine) . It can not be fully used by your body If the food is not properly digested.

    Warning! Drink at least a glass of water before you massage your foot in order to avoid from the possibility of "fever" (temporally side effect) during detoxification process.Water helps to carry away toxic and waste product from your body through urinary,sweat ,and etc.

    Case study: chest pain caused by digestive system

    George is woken with intense pain in his chest in the middle of the night. He is so scared, and wondering if he has a heart attack ?He decided to go to the doctor for electrocardiogram test. Surprisingly the result has shown everything is normal.

    However , the chest pain seems does not go away. The pain keeps coming back every now and then in the middle of the night. Besides the chest pain , he feels the strong pressure around his chest heart area and fullness in his stomach. He begins to have second thought with the diagnosis result, it could have been misdiagnosed !

    He do believe he is suffering from heart disorder problem. Once again, he takes another electrocardiogram test. Again the test result come back normal ! He is so confusing with the test result as it does not make sense to him.

    He finally ask the doctor if it's anything to do with his digestive system ? According to the doctor his chest pain does not related to digestive system The doctor even tell him if he still having the same problem he should to seek psychologist's help.

    George finally decided not to seek for medical help, he begins to change his diet and seek for reflexology treatment. He then found out his stomach and solar plexus reflex points are so sensitive. After the several treatments , he feel so good and all the symptoms has gone . He is now living in a happy and healthy life.

    Remedy of digestive system
    Below is the reflex point for digestive disorder.

  • Poor appetite : Stomach- intestine - thyroid glands.

  • Food poisoning : Stomach - duodenum - lymph nodes- lymph groin.

  • Digestive nervous system disorder : Solar plexus . Watch out your health condition.

  • Bad breath : Stomach. Beware of your diet !

  • Loss the sense of taste : Head , upper and lower forehead.

  • Toothache : Lower and upper forehead , stomach. Beware of your diet !

  • Gastric : Solar plexus, stomach, duodenum , Beware of your diet !

  • Stomachach : Stomach. Beware of your diet !

  • Stomach bloated(lower part) : Appendix. Beware of your diet !

  • Stomach bloated (upper part) : Stomach, duodenum. Beware of your diet !

  • Duodenum disorder : Stomach, duodenum. Beware of your diet !

  • Gall bladder disoeder(inflamation),Gall bladder stone :Duodenum, gall bladder,liver ,lymph nodes and other reflex area. Beware of your diet !

  • Liver infection and Joaundice : duodenum ,liver, gall bladder, lymphatic and other organs.Beware of your diet !

  • Liver harden : duodenum , liver, gall bladder, lymphatic and other organs. Beware of your diet !

  • Liver pain : Liver.Beware of your diet !

  • malnutrition : Stomach,liver,gall bladder.Beware of your diet !

  • Chronic fatigue and anxious : Kidney, ureter, bladder, lymph nodes, parathyroid glands,neck,head.Beware of your diet !

  • Spleen inflammation : Stomach, duodenum, spleen,lymph nodes. Beware of your diet !

  • Diabetes : Stomach, duodenum, spleen. Beware of your diet !

  • Colon disease : On,lymph nodes , colon (including - Ascending colon
    Tranverse colon- Descending- colon - Sigmoid colon ) and other related reflex points

  • Stomach bloated : Beware of your diet ! Chewing well before swallow ! Stomach and duodenum and other related organs.

  • Diarrhea : Stomach, lymph nodes, solar plexus(diarrhea cause from nervous). Beware of your diet !

  • Diarrhea cum nausea : Stomach, lymph nodes. Beware of your diet !

  • Constipation : Stomach , duodenum, colon and other related organs. Consume less meat more vegetable , fruit juice, vegetable juice and prune juice.

  • hemerhroid : Descending colon, perrineuem hemorrhoids. Kidney,urethra ,bladder,adrenal glands. Increase fiber in your diet !

    Heart and circulatory system -Remedy for heart disease

  • Anemia : Spleen, stomach, duodenum, lymph nodes ,liver and other reflex points.

  • Heart pain : Adrenal glands, kidney, ureter ,bladder,heart, lymph nodes. Beware of your diet ! Also massage stomach,groin,heart.

  • Cardio vascular disease( Artery harden) : Kidney, ureter, bladder, adrenal glands, other reflex points.

  • Blood poisoning : Lymph nodes and other reflex points.

  • Hypertension (high blood pressure): Kidney, ureter, bladder, brain (head) and other reflex points.

  • Low bood pressure : Kidney, ureter, bladder , brain (head), ears.other reflex

  • Lymphatic disease (swollen) :Kidney,ureter, bladder , lymph nodes.(Side may occur for the beginning because of detoxification process)

  • Iron defficiency : Spleen.

  • Blood vessel blockage :Kidney, ureter, bladder , adrenal glands, lymph nodes, massage the reflexion organ (arm).

  • Variscose vein : Kidney, adrenal glands, ureter,bladder , lymph nodes and the entire spinal code.

  • Blood vessel narrow : Parathyroid glands, adrenal glands, ureter , bladder and other reflex points.

  • Circulatory disorder : Kidney, ureter ,bladder , lymph nodes, heart, adrenal glands, parathyroid. Beware of your diet !

  • Remedy For Urinary System

    Urinary system
    The main detoxification organs are kidney,ureter , and bladder.However ,toxin also eliminate via skin,liver,gallbladder,colon and lungs.
    See picture for location of the points

    Kidneys are bean-shaped excretory organs in our body. Kidney eliminate waste products such as urea from blood is excreted along with water.

    Disease and disorder:
    When kidney disfunction,the symptom as below may occur:
    Accumulation of waste product or toxic sediment in the circulatory system lead to high blood pressure,hardening of arteries,variscose vein.
    Toxic substance accumulated in the musscle tissue and the joint tissue.Cause rheumatoid arthritis.

    Accumulation of toxic in the joint area,create osteoarthritis,and it will turn into other joint disease if the problem is not treated properly.
    Eye sore , the formation of toxic substance usualy show up the symptom in the eyes.
    Eczema ,toxic eliminate through body skin, due to pressure of detoxcification process ,rashes will appear on the skin .


    Cause by eccesive amount of (water retention ) in the body.

    Ureter is a small duct that carry urine from the kidneys to the bladder.It's approximately 50 to 70 cm long.

    Urine excreted from kidney is collected in the bladder prior to disposal by urination.

    Urine from the bladder enter the tube called urethra where the urine is carried out from the body.(See pic below)

    Warning! Drink at least a glass of water before you massage your foot in order to avoid from the possibility of "fever" (temperaly side effect) during detoxification process.Water helps to carry away toxic and waste product from your body through urinary,sweat ,and etc.

    Reflexology remedy of urinary system:

    Bed wetter (at night): Kidney, ureter,bladder, lymph node.

    Bladder inflamation : Kidney, ureter, bladder, lymph node.

    Ureter inflamation : Kidney, ureter, bladder, lymph node.

    Urination difficulty : Kidney, ureter, bladder, lymph node, and other reflex point.

    Kidney stones: Kidney, ureter ,bladder, lymph node , and other reflex point.Beware of your diet !

    Water retention: Kidney,ureter , bladder, adrenal glands , lymph node, pituitary gland,and other reflex point.

    Rheumatoid : Kidney, ureter , bladder, adrenal glands , lymph node, and other reflex point. Beware of your diet! Work a little more longer on pain area's reflex point.

    osteoarthritis : Kidney, ureter , bladder, lymph node, thyroid glands, parathyroid gland, and the related organ's reflex point. Beware of your diet!

    Gout : Kidney, ureter , bladder, adrenal glands , lymph node, thyroid glands, parathyroid glands, stomach, duodenum, related organ. Beware of your diet !

    Back pain : Kidney, ureter , bladder, lymph node, spinal area,thyroid glands, and others area.

    Skin is the outer layer of the body organ and is an important part of our body.It protects against pathogens and act as an insulator and temperature regulation as well.

    Skin disease :
    Acne: Kidney, ureter, bladder, adrenal glands , lymph node, pituitary gland, and other reflex pointBeware of your diet.

    Hair loss : Sex organs(testicle/ ovary) , adrenal glands , lymph node,pituitary gland, thyroid glands, stomach, duodonum, liver, colon. Beware of your diet.

    Aczema : Kidney, ureter,bladder, adrenal glands , parathyroid glands, lymph node, and other reflex point. Beware of your diet.

    Notes:I strongly suggested you to take supplement during your foot reflexology treatment .It helps reduce the temparaly side effect which may occur during the detoxification process and increase the healing effect.

    Resources - Link Exchange

    What is foot reflexology ?

    Understand reflexology

    Foot reflexology is powerful ancient holistic therapy that stimulated the related organds throughout the entire body when applying pressure to the feet and hands.It helps alleviate the stress and toxin also create natural healing abilities .

    A book called "Zone Therapy" is written by Dr. william Fitzgerald an American surgeon in 1917.In 1930 a physiotherapist ,Eunice Ingham who used the idea of Dr.William Fitzgerald and created a new concept called "Reflexology" . It's a therapy in which the organs are stimulated by the specific massage techniques in the feet to activate the function of the related organs and helps to improve your health and circulatory system.

    Wu Rwo -Shur is named after his original name of Father Josef Eugster,a Swiss Cathalic Priest in 1978.He received a book called "Gesund In Die Zukunft Von Heidi Masafret from one the fellow missionary. He studied the book and practiced on his own feet and discovered an amazing healing effect !Couple months later he began to work on people who has health problems ,and also as a part of his mission to spread the gospel in Taiwan.

    How does reflexology work ?
    when you apply pressure on the specific reflex point, the stimulated area will connect to the related organ through the peripheral nervous system.For example ,if you massage the toe immediately the peripheral nerve will send the message to the brain where the nervous system from the toe is connected to..

    From there it started to activate the function of the specific organ to perform detoxification, production of secretion (hormone), increase blood flow ,and etc.Reflexogy is not a subtitute for medical treatment,but it helps improve your health and prevent from disease.I strongly agree that " prevention is better then cure "!

    What is "Pathological sediment"?
    " Patological sediment" is actually a" formation of toxic "which has been accumulated for period of times in the area of your foot , and may interfere the blood circulation and normal function of the organs.This sediment can be removed by using foot flexology massage .

    How long should you take to massage for foot ?
    Massage two to three minutes for each point .You can increase the length of time to double or triplle longer for critical condition.Beware! Make sure if your kidney is functioning well otherwise you should not massage the liver and spine,vertebra reflex area for more then five minutes.

    Because if you do so,the liver will produce a huge amount of toxic enter into ciculatory system and not be able to eliminate from your body.According to the professional reflexologist 30 minutes per day foot reflexology is the perfect way of maintain your your health .

    1)Adrenal glands----2) Kidney----3)Ureter---4)Bladder = app 5 minutes.

    1)Head and neck = app 3minutes.

    Each lymphatic note app 2 minutes (2minsx4 lymphatic notes=8 minutes).

    Other point = app 2 minutes.Total time for the complete massage =30 minutes (you can massage a little longer for the problematic organs).

    Temperaly side effects
    This site effect is result from the detoxification reaction.Once the detoxification process is over the side effect will be automatically subsided.

    Swollen feet---,especially those who has lymphatic blockage problem.

    variscose vein ----appeared to be more obvious then normal.Because the increase of blood flow in the vein.

    Open sore------ Open sore the upper tight area .This reaction is normal,it helps carry away the toxic out from the body through our skin.

    Fever----It is detox reaction when you massage the lymphatic notes where it indicates that some part of your body has inflammation symptom.

    Increase pain ----on certain organs.

    sprained Ankle----Due to calcium deficiency.

    Every body has different side effect ,its all depends on individual's health condition.

    There are two type of massage method you can use on your own or on others:

    1)Hand massage

    2)Foot massage tools such as " wood roller massager".

    WARNING!!! Foot reflexology treatment must be avoided for people who has the following symptoms :

    1) Heart attack

    2)Internal or external bleeding (From injury ,surgery )

    3Women period (menstrual)


    5)Serious Kidney failure