Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Remedy For Liver disease

Liver is situated at the upper right portion of the abdomen.It's the largest organ in the human body,approximately 3 Ib. Gall bladder is connected to the liver via the hepatic duct.

Liver is the most important part in metabolism system.It produce bile juice and stored it in the gall bladder for the use of breaking down the fats. when you ingest food contain with fats,The gall bladder constrict and excreted bill juice into duodenum to stimulate and create intestinal movement.

On the other side ,liver also convert glucose to glycogen,and create certain amino acids ,purify the harmful substances from blood (alcohol,etc),and production of cholesterol in your body.

Remedy for liver disease:
Important ! For liver massage please drink one glass of water before massage and at least 4-6 glass of water after massage in order to reduce the side effect causing from detoxification process in your body. Watch out your diet ! Avoid from too oily ,deep fried,grill,BBQ and spicy foods.

Steam vegetable,fish stir fry and soup is highly recommended.

Remedy for liver problem reflex area:
ureter-----Bladder-----Lymph nodes----pituitary glands----liver and other reflex area.

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