Tuesday, April 17, 2007

What is foot reflexology ?

Understand reflexology

Foot reflexology is powerful ancient holistic therapy that stimulated the related organds throughout the entire body when applying pressure to the feet and hands.It helps alleviate the stress and toxin also create natural healing abilities .

A book called "Zone Therapy" is written by Dr. william Fitzgerald an American surgeon in 1917.In 1930 a physiotherapist ,Eunice Ingham who used the idea of Dr.William Fitzgerald and created a new concept called "Reflexology" . It's a therapy in which the organs are stimulated by the specific massage techniques in the feet to activate the function of the related organs and helps to improve your health and circulatory system.

Wu Rwo -Shur is named after his original name of Father Josef Eugster,a Swiss Cathalic Priest in 1978.He received a book called "Gesund In Die Zukunft Von Heidi Masafret from one the fellow missionary. He studied the book and practiced on his own feet and discovered an amazing healing effect !Couple months later he began to work on people who has health problems ,and also as a part of his mission to spread the gospel in Taiwan.

How does reflexology work ?
when you apply pressure on the specific reflex point, the stimulated area will connect to the related organ through the peripheral nervous system.For example ,if you massage the toe immediately the peripheral nerve will send the message to the brain where the nervous system from the toe is connected to..

From there it started to activate the function of the specific organ to perform detoxification, production of secretion (hormone), increase blood flow ,and etc.Reflexogy is not a subtitute for medical treatment,but it helps improve your health and prevent from disease.I strongly agree that " prevention is better then cure "!

What is "Pathological sediment"?
" Patological sediment" is actually a" formation of toxic "which has been accumulated for period of times in the area of your foot , and may interfere the blood circulation and normal function of the organs.This sediment can be removed by using foot flexology massage .

How long should you take to massage for foot ?
Massage two to three minutes for each point .You can increase the length of time to double or triplle longer for critical condition.Beware! Make sure if your kidney is functioning well otherwise you should not massage the liver and spine,vertebra reflex area for more then five minutes.

Because if you do so,the liver will produce a huge amount of toxic enter into ciculatory system and not be able to eliminate from your body.According to the professional reflexologist 30 minutes per day foot reflexology is the perfect way of maintain your your health .

1)Adrenal glands----2) Kidney----3)Ureter---4)Bladder = app 5 minutes.

1)Head and neck = app 3minutes.

Each lymphatic note app 2 minutes (2minsx4 lymphatic notes=8 minutes).

Other point = app 2 minutes.Total time for the complete massage =30 minutes (you can massage a little longer for the problematic organs).

Temperaly side effects
This site effect is result from the detoxification reaction.Once the detoxification process is over the side effect will be automatically subsided.

Swollen feet---,especially those who has lymphatic blockage problem.

variscose vein ----appeared to be more obvious then normal.Because the increase of blood flow in the vein.

Open sore------ Open sore the upper tight area .This reaction is normal,it helps carry away the toxic out from the body through our skin.

Fever----It is detox reaction when you massage the lymphatic notes where it indicates that some part of your body has inflammation symptom.

Increase pain ----on certain organs.

sprained Ankle----Due to calcium deficiency.

Every body has different side effect ,its all depends on individual's health condition.

There are two type of massage method you can use on your own or on others:

1)Hand massage

2)Foot massage tools such as " wood roller massager".

WARNING!!! Foot reflexology treatment must be avoided for people who has the following symptoms :

1) Heart attack

2)Internal or external bleeding (From injury ,surgery )

3Women period (menstrual)


5)Serious Kidney failure


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Hi, I'm an international student from Korea. Now I'm study English in Austin, Texas. I found this information during my class. It is very interesting, so I made a comment. Thank you!

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wow! this is awesome info as a neuromuscular massage therapist I didn't know a lot of this info. I need to study more about reflexology! thanks.