Monday, September 22, 2008

Remmedy for heart disease

Case Study: Heart disease

Lailly's youngest daughter Darllie has Mental Retardation Disorders. Like most of the Mental Retardation Disorders child , Darllie has suffered from heart disease problems . She often easily infected by infectious diseases which seriously affected her growth.
She is unable to sit by her own at the age of two . That's not all, she can hardly perform the simple physical movement as well. Dark blue color is found on her palms, lips and sole which indicates that it's relatively high carbon dioxide in her blood cause by her heart problem.

Lailly always believe in natural remedy . Instead of taking prescriptions drugs . She gives her daughter foot massage at the following reflex point:

Adreanal glands ---- kidney ----- ureter---- bladder---duodenum ---heart --- lymph node ---pituitary glands --head and other reflex area.

Darllie was screaming,crying, and kicking while Lailly put pressure on her Darllie's foot . Each one of the reflex point is very sensitive especially her heart reflex area. She continue to work on Darllie foot 20 minutes each day for 3 months.
The very first reaction is shown up in her urine. It's in dark yellowish color and smell so badly ! This indicates that the related organs are being stimulated and it started to eliminate the waste product or toxin from her body.

Within 3 month, Darllie's palm, lips and sole turn from blue to pinkish color which is a good sign ! Darllie's health has obviously improved a lot and she hardly get any infectious disease since then. 3 months has passed , Lailly brought her daughter to her doctor for check out. At this time the doctor found nothing wrong with Darllie's heart ,she's healthy and her heart is functioning so well.
This is the most valuable present for Lailly to her daughter Darllie.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Remedy For Leg Pain

Leg pain seems a common symptom that a lot of people have, however it might turn into an acute disease if you do not take care from the beginning. The leg pain which includes : muscle cramps,tingling sensation,burning sensation , inflammation, some may even affect back pain as well .

Cause of leg pain,sore feet ,inflammation,leg numbness,cramp

There are several reasons which cause the leg pain, such as : Injury, Nerve damage,kidney problem, poor blood circulation between your leg and other part of your body, over weight,depletion of potassium, sodium, calcium, or magnesium, injuries, inflammation,, and more.

Reflex Area

Kidney,uterus,bladder, lymph notes (both sides) ,pituitary gland, shoulder, Sciatic area /sciatic nerve (most important reflex area),Reproductive glands (Ovary-female/testicle-male). Go to foot chart to find out the reflex area . Massage approximately 40 to 45 minutes.

How to do it at home ?

You can use your hand or foot massage roller at home but the upper area such as sciatic area you must use hand massage, there's no other way to do it. Make sure you drink at least a glass of water (ice water not recommended) before you start the treatment which helps in detoxification process during the treatment.

However for serious cases I suggest you should seek for the professional foot reflexologist. as I always recommend patient to take vitamin instead of medications during their treatment . Which helps speed up the healing process. Also it is very important to take an organic vitamin but not the synthetic vitamin.

Organic vitamin ( more costly )- derive from natural plants

Synthetic vitamin - ( less expensive ) made up of chemical substances which may cause side effect .

Case study :Leg pain (1)

Lately my brother has complained about his leg pain especially his knee. My sister in law tried to convince him to see doctor but he insisted not to go because he hated taking prescription drugs and scared of having shot .His condition has not gotten any better since then, in fact the pain has became severe and he was unable to squat down . Then I decided to convince him let me try to work on his feet with footreflexology. He look at me and said : "Is it hurt "? I told him without any doubt it would be very painful on his reflex area. I said so because I know for fact that his reflex point must have serious blockage problem . He did not look so happy when I told him that. I told him he has to do something with it before it gone worse. Eventually he agree to give himself a try.

This is what I did :

- Drink a glass of water,
- Massage for 45 minutes each foot ( you can work 20 to 25 minutes each foot), make sure you start with left foot then continue to right foot.

Left foot:
- Reflex point - 1)Kidney, ureter, bladder , lymph node, heart, parathyroid glands, thyroid gland , knee, shoulder ,pituitary glands and sciatic area /sciatic nerve.

Right foot:
- Reflex point - 1) Kidney, ureter, bladder , lymph node, liver, parathyroid glands, thyroid, knee, shoulder ,pituitary glands and sciatic area /sciatic nerve.

Other then leg pain the reflex point above is also for :
- Inflammation under feet
- Swollen feet / water retention
- Leg numbness/ numbness on your toe
- Leg cramp
-Ankle sprain
Athletic foot
-Sweaty feet

I work on his feet once a day. His reflex area is very sensitive and he kept complaining about the pain, ask me if I can slow down a little because it's very painful....(poor brother
First and second treatment he started to feel a little improvement on his leg and knee . However after a week later, he was able to squat down and get up easily with no pain at all ! That's not all , he felt more energetic then before ! What a huge improvement...

If , you have encountered the same problem, don't worry , go ahead and seek for reflexology treatment or you can do it your self at home by following the instruction that I have stated on my blog . Trust me, it really works!