Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Remedy For Colon Disease

Colon is dived into several parts:

  • Appendix

  • Ascending Colon

  • Transverse Colon

  • Descending Colon

  • Sigmoid Flexure

  • Coccyx

  • Appendix
    Located at the right bottom of the lower abdomen also connected to the intestine.

    Prevent the fluid from colon enter into intestine.

    Stomach bloating occurs at the lower part of abdominal.

    Case study
    Peter's wife Anline frequently suffered from stomach ache.Her appendix reflex area was so sensitive.After went through 4 weeks of foot reflexology and combine with proper diet, Appearantly Anline has improved a lot ,since then she has never suffered from stomach ache any more.

    Function of Ascending Colon ,Transverse Colon , Descending Colon :
    The movement of the stool is completely depends on the wavy movement of the colon.The contraction of its muscular the stool is propelled forward and is carried along towards the descending colon and exit from the body via anus.

    Remedy for constipation Reflexes area
    Kidney---ureter--bladder---lymph nodes----liver---colon (including Ascending colon
    - Tranverse colon - Descending colon - Sigmoid colon


  • Stomach pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation (drink more water every day and intake high fiber diet as well)

    Case study :
    Fernandaz Lee over time always has stomach ache or feeling uncomfortable on the upper left of the nevel.He has constipated for several years, he usualy depends on drug to solve his bowel movement problem.His reflex point shows that the Ascending Colon and transverse Colon have problem.During the treatment he focused on the problematic organds's reflexes area.After couple days later,Fanandaz Lee was able to have bowel movement without depends on drugs anymore.

    Descending Colon
    Located at the final part of the colon in which it ended at the anus.

    When the stool is entered into the descending colon,and automaticaly it stimulate the bowel movement.

    Chronic Constipation has higher chance of liver cancer ,headach,migraine .

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