Monday, September 22, 2008

Remmedy for heart disease

Case Study: Heart disease

Lailly's youngest daughter Darllie has Mental Retardation Disorders. Like most of the Mental Retardation Disorders child , Darllie has suffered from heart disease problems . She often easily infected by infectious diseases which seriously affected her growth.
She is unable to sit by her own at the age of two . That's not all, she can hardly perform the simple physical movement as well. Dark blue color is found on her palms, lips and sole which indicates that it's relatively high carbon dioxide in her blood cause by her heart problem.

Lailly always believe in natural remedy . Instead of taking prescriptions drugs . She gives her daughter foot massage at the following reflex point:

Adreanal glands ---- kidney ----- ureter---- bladder---duodenum ---heart --- lymph node ---pituitary glands --head and other reflex area.

Darllie was screaming,crying, and kicking while Lailly put pressure on her Darllie's foot . Each one of the reflex point is very sensitive especially her heart reflex area. She continue to work on Darllie foot 20 minutes each day for 3 months.
The very first reaction is shown up in her urine. It's in dark yellowish color and smell so badly ! This indicates that the related organs are being stimulated and it started to eliminate the waste product or toxin from her body.

Within 3 month, Darllie's palm, lips and sole turn from blue to pinkish color which is a good sign ! Darllie's health has obviously improved a lot and she hardly get any infectious disease since then. 3 months has passed , Lailly brought her daughter to her doctor for check out. At this time the doctor found nothing wrong with Darllie's heart ,she's healthy and her heart is functioning so well.
This is the most valuable present for Lailly to her daughter Darllie.