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Remedy for high blood pressure

The heart is the muscular organ that suspended in the vertebrates.

Function of the heart :

  1. It is responsible for delivering blood into lung,exchange of gases in the ling : Carry out carbon dioxide from the blood and bring in oxygen into the blood before return to the heart.

  2. Convey blood into circulatory systems in the body, distribute nutrients to our entire body.

    Structure of the heart

It is divided into four sections: two atrium ( left and right ),two ventricle (left and right ).There is tricupid valve on the right,and aortic valve to prevent blood flow backward into the atrium.

The flow of blood through the right atrium enter into the right ventricle,from there it proceed to the lungs to purify the blood before it enter to the left atrium and ventricle.

The heart does not obtain nutrients from the blood in the atrium and ventricle,It obtain nutrients from other sources system.

Remedy for high blood pressure reflexes area :
Adrenal gland ,Kidney--ureter---bladder--- duodenum ---heart----lymph nodes-- liver---pituitary glands-and other reflex area


  • Heart contraction,pain,difficulty in breathing
  • Heart disease (genetic factor or non-genetic factor )
  • Heart weak,circulatory problem
  • Irregular heart beat

  • Case study :high blood pressure (1)

    Cathrina's had suffered from high blood pressure for three years. She had heard t about reflexogy long time ago ,but she did not believe reflexology would be able to improve her condition.

    She was on medication for almost ten years. Over the years her health condition wasn't gotten any better. She started to worry and was hopping she could find a better treatment. I was so surprised when she came to me for reflexology treatment! . She told me she was so sick of being on medication for all year long for not getting any better.

    When she first started her first treatment .She felt very uncomfortable due to the temparaly side effect which resulted from detoxification reaction. She went back to her doctor ,at time her blood pressure was 100/60 which very low!Compared to her previous blood pressure ( 200/95 ).

    The doctor was so surprised with her tremendous changed .Cathrina told the doctor that she her reflexology treatment, in fact he encouraged her to keep it up , and reduced her prescription one at a time in order to avoid from extreme low blood pressure occurred during her treatment.

    Case study :high blood pressure (2)
    On the 6 of may 2008 my sister in law called me that my mom fell down while she was trying to get up from the chair . All the sudden she felt both of leg were numb .... She was terrify . Without hesitation my sister in law brought her to the doctor. The doctor was given her blood test right away and found out her blood pressure has increased tremendously from 125/85
    to 160/85. That's not all, her blood sugar increased , incontinent problem , diarrhea and insomnia how scary huh !

    This is what I did, I gave her foot massage and multivitamin with no iron and B complex 3 times a day after meal - (natural one not synthetic one ) .Some multivitamin contain iron may cause constipation for certain people if you take it every day.Therefore I prefer no iron., you can always take iron supplement separately if you need . Because she was taking her prescription , therefore, she have to take her prescription after meal , after 30 to 40 minutes then only she can take her vitamin.

    Attention: Please bear in mind, DO NOT take prescription drugs and vitamin at the same time, because it will neutralize the medicine. Take at least 30 minutes apart after intake your medicine.

    Breakfast - Oatmeal, diabetes sugar. ( you can change your recipe as long as it's healthy and nutritious diabetes )

    Lunch - soft food for easy digestion such as Porridge (rice soup) with fish and vegetable I usually gave - carrot, broccoli, cilantro, celery . Avoid from eating any deep fried , hot and sweet stuff ( because she has diabetes).

    Five weeks later she finally able to walk without cane and supervision, no diapers hearing and vision have also improved . In addition her blood sugar and blood pressure fall between 125/89 and 130/85 , glucose is 6.5. Now she is back to normal diet but in a healthy way.

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