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Remedy for Cancer - Immune system, lymphatic system ,cancer and leg pain

Antibody-Immune system
In human body ,besides blood circulation system,there's also a lymphatic system. Lymph ducts or lymph capillaries begins with a very tiny lymph vessels that connected to the larger lymph vessels, in which It produces and transport lymph fluid to circulatory system.

What does lymph fluid carry?
Every day it transports approximately two kilogram colorless lymph fluid and fats from intestines. At the same time it carries bacteria and substances from outside of the body(smoke ,dust and etc) to lymph nodes where the purifying process will be taken place.

Lymph nodes (glands)
Lymphatic nodes (glands) is situated in the lymphatic passage.

It helps to filter lymph fluids and creates leukocytes (white blood cells) cells of the immune system defending the body against both infectious disease and the invasions of foreign organisms.

Where is lymphatic nodes
Lymphatic nodes can be found in in both side of your jaw ,chest,armpit.When infection occurred in any part of your body,the nearest lymphatic glands will take immediate action to create more lymph fluid.At this time the lymphatic nodes will enlarge its size.

Reflex area
Kidney-ureter-bladder-lymph nodes(upper&lower part of your body)-liver and other reflexes area.


  1. Swollen feet
  2. Stretch mark
  3. Anti body deficiency
  4. Causing blockage to the all the organs
  5. Lymph inflammation

Case Study 1-Water retention
Hi,my name Mrs woo,I had a problem with my swollen leg for many years. My entire leg was swollen I couldn't even see my ankle. It creates an awkward shape and it's such a huge burden for me. One day when I woke up in the morning tried to go bath room, all the sudden I felt my legs were extremely heavy and unable to stand up!

I was admitted to hospital for two days. After I got back home I still did not feel so good about it. One day ,one of my business client(Jane) told me foot reflexology is an excellent natural healing that may works for my condition . Without hesitation I agreed to do it. Couple days later ! My legs were feeling so much lighter ,the water retention has obviously subsided.

I am so thankful to my friend (Jane)who had recommended me an amazing healing method ,otherwise I may have ended up my life on the wheel chair for the rest of my life....

Remedy for swollen feet reflex area :

Kidney- ureter- bladder- lymph nodes(Both upper & lower part)- pituitary gland- thyroid gland and knee.


Reduce intake of salt in your diet.

Case study 2 -cancer
In September 1998 a seventeen years old Lily discovered a lump in her upper tight at her knee area. At the beginning she didn't take it seriously.

In November the lump has grown so much bigger and it was very painful . She then realized that it was serious,the doctor took a biopsy test on her infected area and it was diagnosed as cancer .

In addition,her blood test report was horrible---liver, kidney and pancreas were not functioning well . She took radiation therapy twenty times,five shots for every ten day . Her health condition was deteriorated by the extreme treatment..

According to the doctor,Lily had three more months to live......therefore doctor allowed her to come back home for Christmas. During Christmas her uncle and aunt (who is reflexologist)came over to visit her and gave her the foot reflexology massage right away . They suggested her to stop the radiation therapy and the shots.

After the serious discussion with doctor,finally Lily was allowed to stay home, mean time her uncle gave her foot reflexology treatment and change her diet as well.

In 1999 9th of June, I went to visit her . Something that really scared me was that her infected area (previously has been treated by radian therapy) had turned into an open sore and contained with pus. She was so worry and wanted to quit ,I insisted her to continue, and explained to her that this was a temporally side effect during the detoxification process before healing.

Every day she worked on all the lymph node for one hour on the reflex area of kidney,ureter,bladder,head,stomach,duodenum,liver,gall bladder and spleen reflexes area. She had stopped taking all her medications and replaced with natural supplements (avoid from taking the synthetic vitamin). Her scar was getting better each day ,the pain was obviously subsided .

Three months later ,on 1999 Oct 10th doctor gave her the blood test and no cancer cells was found in her blood cells. She was so thrill and can't believe foot reflexology will be able to safe her life.

Remedy for cancer reflex area:

Kidney - ureter- bladder- lymph nodes(both upper & lower) - pituitary glands - liver - colon - and other reflexes area.

Important suggestion Take supplement such as Protein( very important -According to study protein helps to repair damage cells speed up the healling process .Especially cancer patient who undergoes chemothrapry and radiotherapy) ,B complex, vit C, A , calcium magnesium, E and milk thistle (for liver which helps to improve and regulate your liver function such as detoxification which is significant for cancer patients. )

Attention :

My personal suggestion for cancer patient -Please take protein powder and organic supplement during your reflexology treatment which helps strengthen your immune system and prevent the rapid growth of cancer cells in your body.


Anonymous said...

I'm so impressed with your foot reflexology treatment and the case study.good job!

Fibro Viv said...

I have a book on Reflexology and it does work. Thanks for the information.