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Remedy For Digestive System

Digestive System - Stomach
Stomach is known as an external organ that manage the digestion of food. Poor digestion is the main factor of nutrient insufficiency. Therefore ,Chewing food is the very first part where the digestion process begins to take place .

The foods then enter into the digestive tract and directed to the stomach for final digestion before it enters into duodenum(intestine) . It can not be fully used by your body If the food is not properly digested.

Warning! Drink at least a glass of water before you massage your foot in order to avoid from the possibility of "fever" (temporally side effect) during detoxification process.Water helps to carry away toxic and waste product from your body through urinary,sweat ,and etc.

Case study: chest pain caused by digestive system

George is woken with intense pain in his chest in the middle of the night. He is so scared, and wondering if he has a heart attack ?He decided to go to the doctor for electrocardiogram test. Surprisingly the result has shown everything is normal.

However , the chest pain seems does not go away. The pain keeps coming back every now and then in the middle of the night. Besides the chest pain , he feels the strong pressure around his chest heart area and fullness in his stomach. He begins to have second thought with the diagnosis result, it could have been misdiagnosed !

He do believe he is suffering from heart disorder problem. Once again, he takes another electrocardiogram test. Again the test result come back normal ! He is so confusing with the test result as it does not make sense to him.

He finally ask the doctor if it's anything to do with his digestive system ? According to the doctor his chest pain does not related to digestive system The doctor even tell him if he still having the same problem he should to seek psychologist's help.

George finally decided not to seek for medical help, he begins to change his diet and seek for reflexology treatment. He then found out his stomach and solar plexus reflex points are so sensitive. After the several treatments , he feel so good and all the symptoms has gone . He is now living in a happy and healthy life.

Remedy of digestive system
Below is the reflex point for digestive disorder.

  • Poor appetite : Stomach- intestine - thyroid glands.

  • Food poisoning : Stomach - duodenum - lymph nodes- lymph groin.

  • Digestive nervous system disorder : Solar plexus . Watch out your health condition.

  • Bad breath : Stomach. Beware of your diet !

  • Loss the sense of taste : Head , upper and lower forehead.

  • Toothache : Lower and upper forehead , stomach. Beware of your diet !

  • Gastric : Solar plexus, stomach, duodenum , Beware of your diet !

  • Stomachach : Stomach. Beware of your diet !

  • Stomach bloated(lower part) : Appendix. Beware of your diet !

  • Stomach bloated (upper part) : Stomach, duodenum. Beware of your diet !

  • Duodenum disorder : Stomach, duodenum. Beware of your diet !

  • Gall bladder disoeder(inflamation),Gall bladder stone :Duodenum, gall bladder,liver ,lymph nodes and other reflex area. Beware of your diet !

  • Liver infection and Joaundice : duodenum ,liver, gall bladder, lymphatic and other organs.Beware of your diet !

  • Liver harden : duodenum , liver, gall bladder, lymphatic and other organs. Beware of your diet !

  • Liver pain : Liver.Beware of your diet !

  • malnutrition : Stomach,liver,gall bladder.Beware of your diet !

  • Chronic fatigue and anxious : Kidney, ureter, bladder, lymph nodes, parathyroid glands,neck,head.Beware of your diet !

  • Spleen inflammation : Stomach, duodenum, spleen,lymph nodes. Beware of your diet !

  • Diabetes : Stomach, duodenum, spleen. Beware of your diet !

  • Colon disease : On,lymph nodes , colon (including - Ascending colon
    Tranverse colon- Descending- colon - Sigmoid colon ) and other related reflex points

  • Stomach bloated : Beware of your diet ! Chewing well before swallow ! Stomach and duodenum and other related organs.

  • Diarrhea : Stomach, lymph nodes, solar plexus(diarrhea cause from nervous). Beware of your diet !

  • Diarrhea cum nausea : Stomach, lymph nodes. Beware of your diet !

  • Constipation : Stomach , duodenum, colon and other related organs. Consume less meat more vegetable , fruit juice, vegetable juice and prune juice.

  • hemerhroid : Descending colon, perrineuem hemorrhoids. Kidney,urethra ,bladder,adrenal glands. Increase fiber in your diet !

    Heart and circulatory system -Remedy for heart disease

  • Anemia : Spleen, stomach, duodenum, lymph nodes ,liver and other reflex points.

  • Heart pain : Adrenal glands, kidney, ureter ,bladder,heart, lymph nodes. Beware of your diet ! Also massage stomach,groin,heart.

  • Cardio vascular disease( Artery harden) : Kidney, ureter, bladder, adrenal glands, other reflex points.

  • Blood poisoning : Lymph nodes and other reflex points.

  • Hypertension (high blood pressure): Kidney, ureter, bladder, brain (head) and other reflex points.

  • Low bood pressure : Kidney, ureter, bladder , brain (head), ears.other reflex

  • Lymphatic disease (swollen) :Kidney,ureter, bladder , lymph nodes.(Side may occur for the beginning because of detoxification process)

  • Iron defficiency : Spleen.

  • Blood vessel blockage :Kidney, ureter, bladder , adrenal glands, lymph nodes, massage the reflexion organ (arm).

  • Variscose vein : Kidney, adrenal glands, ureter,bladder , lymph nodes and the entire spinal code.

  • Blood vessel narrow : Parathyroid glands, adrenal glands, ureter , bladder and other reflex points.

  • Circulatory disorder : Kidney, ureter ,bladder , lymph nodes, heart, adrenal glands, parathyroid. Beware of your diet !

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