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Remedy For Reproductive disease and Sex Drive Decrease

Reproduction system

Reproductive organ- Uterus or womb is one of the major organ in female body. It is connected on both sides to the fallopian tubes,the cervix is open into the vagina.


  • Production of hormone(2/3 of female hormone,1/3 of male hormone)
  • Reproduction (produce young)

    Manstration (period)

    Ovary is responsible on delivering eggs and producing hormone.


  • Painful Intercourse (Dyspareunia)

  • Painful Periods (Dysmenorrhea)

  • Pelvic Adhesions

  • Pelvic Pain

  • Prolapsed Uterus

  • Tipped or Retroverted Uterus

  • Warning ! Do not massage on ovary and uterus during your pregnancy and period (it will cause to miscarry and excessive bleeding) .

    Case study 1-Irregular menstrual cycle:

    Normal menstruation cycle is happened every 28 days after the the first period. But Shirline's menstruation always delay to six months ,it means her menstruation is occurred only twice a year. This situation had been continued for six years since her first period at the age of fourteen (now she's 20 years old). In order to regulate her period ,she always has to depend on hormone tablets.I encourage her to stop taking the hormones tablets ,and go for foot reflexology treatment .

    She started to massage her feet for 30 minutes every day. 23 days later ,it's the first time she had her period on time without depend on hormone tablets. She was so exited and decided to continue until she's completely recover.

    Irregular menstrual cycle (period) reflexes area:

    Kidney - ureter - bladder ,- lymph nodes -pituitary glands ,-thyroid glands-parathyroid gland-adrenal glands -ovary- uterus- vagina .

    Case study 2-infertility:

    A young couple wish to have a child,unfortunately Jef's wife was unable to conceive . Back in few years ago she had suffered from fallopian tubes inflammation ,and had been recovered .Since then,she was trying so hard to conceive ,but always end up with disappointment. One day,she came across an article about " how foot reflexology works for infertility problem."

    Without hesitation she made an appointment to the foot reflexology treatment center on the very next day. She took it so seriously and followed all the treatment schedule very well. Two months after the treatment she had her home pregnancy test and found she was pregnant! In order to reassure her pregnancy, she went to 3 different doctors and was diagnosed she is pregnant !

    Just like most people out there,she has never thought about "foot reflexology" would be able to fulfill her dream! It's amazing....

    Infertility reflex area :

    Kidney - ureter-bladder-lymph nodes-pituitary glands - ovary-uterus-vagina

    Sex Drive Decrease

    Hypothyroidism (insufficiency of thyroid hormones) may also lead to sex drive decrease or lack of libido.

    Decreased sex drive

    Decreased sex drive (lack of libido) is associated with many factors,including control pills ,other medication ,stress and etc.To improve this problem ,other then life healthy life,make sure you seek the right treatment.you may want to try natural remedy,such as foot reflexology . meditation,acupuncture,supplement and more.

    Case Study-sex drive decreased

    My friend Pauline (32 years old) told me,she was so miserable with her sex life .When comes to sex ,she just couldn't get into it.......she feel like her sex life seems come to an end !She was on medication for two and the half years but nothing had changed.Until one day I explained to her about how foot reflexology works to improve her problem.She was so exited and wanted me to show her how to work on the reflex area .

    The next day she told me her reflex area especially ovary and uterus were so sensitive it was very painful when pressure applied on this particular reflex area. This indicated her ovary and uterus were sick. I suggested her to continue massage at least once a day until the problematic organs be able to function well . Three weeks later , she showed up with tears of joy.......she said " It's been a long time I've never enjoyed my sexual excitement ,now I feel like a newly wed again "!

    Sex Drive Decreased-Reflexes area:

    Kidney-ureter-bladder-Pituitary - thyroid glands-parathyroid glans-adrenal glands-ovary and uterus .

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