Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Remedy For Lung Disease

As we all know lung plays an important role of the respiratory system.Begins from nose,throat ,windpipe,and all the way down to the lungs.Its main function is to transport oxygen from the air into bloodstream.and expel carbon dioxide from the bloodstream back into the air.

What is gas exchange

The exchange of gases is occurred at the tiny little thin-walled air sacs called alveoli.When you exhale, you exhale the carbon dioxide .It works completely opposite when you inhale,you bring in oxygen from the atmosphere into your body.

For an adult,the normal breathing is approximately 20 times a minute when your are in rest.It crease after an exercise.

Lung disease reflexes area :
Adrenal gland--Kidney--ureter---bladder--lymph nodes---liver---lung----sinus---and other reflex area.

Cough /cough up blood
Whooping cough
Lung infection

Case study :throat problem

Tom thirty one years old,often had throat problems. He had been coughing for several months. Doctor examined his lungs through an X-ray , but no sysmptom was found . A year later,he returned to the hospital for another X-ray , again the result did not show any negative symptoms. He was so worried and helpless about his situation .

His brother was dead from tuberculosis (TB),therefor ,doctor suggested him to undergo tuberculosis test as well . They found nothing after an x-ray .He then asked the doctor for further help,the only advised from the doctor was to stop smoking and come back again a year later.

Over years ,Tom had visited numerous doctor but unfortunately non of them came out with better solution. However,it did not stop him from there,his friend suggested him to try " foot reflexology " treatment.He didn't seems to be very exited about it,because he did not believe in reflexology treatment .However he had been struggling for years and he told him self that now is time to try something different.

First couple days during his first treatment,he started to feel a little awkward he coughed up the" thick yellowish mucus" which has been accumulated many years ago . This "thick yellowish mucus" interfered the normal functions of his bronchi system which led to difficulty of breathing and coughing.

The flexologist told him , his bronchi reflexes area has serious blockage which interfered his lung and bronchi functionality. A week later his coughing was getting better. The doctor advised Tom to avoid from wearing the fashion sharp and tight shoes, because it would limit the blood flow from feet to the entire body and may cause problem to the related organs.

Reflex area for throat problem /sore throat:
Kidney--ureter---bladder--lymph nodes---lung---- Tonsil--liver.

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